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The Witch's Lullaby

This was inspired by Amelie and Daemonia Nymphe's music (same title). A comforting and yet unsettling song i wanted to invoke the same feelings that the song gave when i listened to it. After a while i came up with a backstory of how these two old friends met and what happened during their reunion. This is the first time i have worked with more detailed human characters and going a bit more in-depth in Unreal post processing

The Story:
Aera and Mortimer, childhood friends that grew up in the same war torn village. They were both taken from their village at a young age he got conscripted and taken to far away lands, she was taken into a coven. They lived as many years before they met again in their old village. Mortimer, sent back to the village to root out the coven of witches in the area. A battle transpired and only when it's too late they recognized each other, Mortimer was already dying. Aera's last hope of saving her friend is to turn him. Not quite living and not quite dead.

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Early Concept Art

Philip bretschneider pres 1
Philip bretschneider pres 2
Philip bretschneider deaocomp

Bace Color, Roughness, Ao, Lighting

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Messing with color look up tables

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